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Police expertise backed by advanced technology.

Our solutions work seamlessly with law enforcement because that is what they were made for. SkyCop serves as partner to equip, support, and educate local police departments on how they can better utilize technology to keep their city safe.

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SkyCop Founded

SkyCop transforms idea into reality with streaming remote video to a central location utilizing h.264 technology and developing the SkyCop Platform of mobile surveillance trailers and pole mounted camera enclosures.



SkyCop awarded patent #7703996 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office



SkyCop is bought by local Memphis business entrepreneurs, Charlotte and Greg Nuckles.



SkyCop helps neighborhoods take back their streets and starts to transform aging neighborhood watch programs into hi-tech crime deterrent programs utilizing SkyCop’s Patented technology.


Greg Nuckles

CFO & Interim COO

After a successful career in “Corporate America”, Greg followed his dream small business ownership. His focus on the customer experience is supported by his desire for efficiencies and results. He has started four companies since his departure from big business and is currently on the board of three corporations.

Charlotte Nuckles

President and CEO

Charlotte graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Accounting and a MBA. Her extensive financial and sales background laid the foundation for what would become the best diabetic education and supply company in the U.S. Selling that company to a major manufacturer, she shifted her attention from healthcare to security hoping to make a difference in cities struggling with high crime rates.

Lester Mikles


Lester is one of the rare individuals that had vast knowledge in many areas including electronics, electricity, networking, and programing. He holds two U.S. Patents and has developed many commercial products. His biometric access control system which proved to withstand the harshest environments, is used by commercial customers, prisons, and municipalities when reliability is critical.