Transportable Surveillance Substation

The SkyCop® TSS (Transportable Surveillance Substation) is a unique self-contained unit specifically designed for remote monitoring of areas where utility and communication services are limited or non-existent. SkyCop® TSS units can function independently or as a group to provide the user with many tools to make areas safer and secure under 24 hour monitoring and increase response times to incidents that occur in the area.

Each TSS unit is equipped with its own Solar Power Plant with Self Tracking Solar Arrays that follow the sun with battery storage for cloud covered days to provide the necessary power required for the surveillance and monitoring equipment deployed in conjunction with the units.

A variety of Communication formats such as Military Grade Wireless Mesh 802.11, Commercial Cellular, and Satellite connectivity provide the means for communication from the remote TSS unit back to a centralized monitoring location such as Law Enforcement Command Centers, Military Police Stations, Commercial and Private Security Companies, etc.

The TSS unit incorporates many of today’s advanced surveillance and monitoring equipment to provide real time monitoring for security and safety of the area where the unit is deployed. These features include, high resolution fixed position Day / Night CCTV Cameras, High Resolution Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras, Infrared Illumination Cameras, and Thermal Imaging Camera Systems to provide video surveillance. Video Analytic or Smart Video equipment can monitor vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the area and watch for parked vehicles, vehicles traveling in the wrong direction, and loitering of pedestrians as examples. Radar Detection / Display units provide traffic flow and speed information back to the centralized location for traffic control. Vehicle License Plate Recognition cameras provide vehicle entry registration to facilities, provide automated alert information for vehicles on local and national “hot list”, and provide storage of digital images with time / date stamp of both the vehicle and license plate number into a data base for future recall of information.

The electronics incorporated into the TSS unit also allow the addition of other advanced features such as Chemical Detection, Gun Shot Telemetry Recognition, and can serve as a Remote Check Point with full video and data communications capabilities.

The robust Steel Skeleton of the SkyCop® TSS provides protection for all electronics, batteries, charging systems, and computer hardware associated with the system.

Each TSS is complete with a SkyCop® DVSR Digital Video Recording System, Touch Screen View / Control Monitor, Digital Solar Display / Monitor / Controller, and Battery Power Plant.

Optional Exterior Trim Packages are available and are designed specific to the application of the units.